Visual Auditory Techniques and Media Production Department

Programs - Radio and Television Production (secondary education) - Printing and Publication Technologies

Radio and Television Production

Radio and Television are the most important tools of communication which inform, direct people and contribute to the general culture. The aim of this program is to introduce the radio and TV technology to the students and introduce them to the studio atmosphere besides the broadcasting, recording equipment. Besides, to give basic information like program producing, plot implementations and recording

Introduction to radio and TV Broadcasting, image management , plotting, text writing techniques, light, radio and TV news broadcasting, computer, occupational foreign language, fine arts form the basis of the program in which concepts related to radio and TV are taught.

At the end of a two-year education, every student prepares a graduation project getting involved in an institutional study, documentary, short film, TV or radio program. Our students are employed in production companies, or agencies related to the field or TV or radio broadcasting organizations in their internship period. They take place in the business World more confidently getting experience with the implementations they carry out during their internship.

The main objective of the radio and TV programming department is to supply qualified staff to the radio and TV institutions. Our graduates are able to be employed as assistant manager, production assistant, scenario and text writer, interviewer, cameraman and they can find positions as sound and light expert in public and private radio and televisions.

Printing and Publication Technologies

The objective of this program is to graduate qualified staff who follows up the publishing techniques, and who is able to use graph conception, and all the equipment and hardware related to printing and publishing. In the program, printing and publication techniques, printing technology, graph conception, desktop publication courses are given.

Our graduates who have the title of printing technician can find positions in printing and publishing sector, in public and private printing offices, agencies and printing material suppliers.