Mission - Vision


The mission of the school of higher education is to continue to supply the idealistic and well educated staff having the high standard qualifications that the industry requires. The vocational school aims at graduating specialized staff in their field who are in the researching, resolving and questioning state of mind and that are in compliance with the changing world conditions, and respectful to the humanistic values, and also equipped with the required technical information and also aims at contributing to the life-long education and developing process of the society by sharing the information.


The vision of the vocational school is to be a respectable, preferred establishment both in national and international level with its education and research, its services to the society, with its fields of accounting, electric, industrial electronic, printing, machine picture and construction and radio TV, with its creative activities which will expand in a vocational fan.

In this content;  

The vision of the vocational school is to be a vocational school;

- Which is known in national and international level with its scientific respectability, and creative activities

- Which educates leading individuals in their fields with their genuine thoughts and practices and which includes  these individuals within its structure.

- Which carries the common activities within its structure to a higher level and which leads this in our country

- Which uses Information Technology , in which the students show their own potentials and that the creativity of the students  is supported

- Which carries out high quality education with the responsibility and consciousness of national values and profits

- Where institutionalization, which is participation, transparency and measurability focused, is improved.

- Which can undertake an effective role spreading out life-long education and the public service goals with the means of communication within the fast changing period of the public.

- Which has effective communication and cooperation infrastructure with its partners.

- Which can produce its own resources getting involved in the effective and production based cooperation and that can provide consultancy and research and development services that the institutes require.

- Which has a global, academic and ethical management model.

- And finally to be a vocational school of which the individuals are proud to be the member.