Location: Çubuk Quota: 400 Type of score: Equal weight-Verbal and Mathematical Period of education: 2 years. Type of education: secondary education (there exists normal education also in the indicated programs) Phone number: 0 (312) 8377800 Fax: 3128386573 Web: E-mail: Address: Gazi University School of Vocational Higher Education Çubuk/ANKARA/TURKEY

Gazi University School of Vocational Higher Education aims at maintaining well educated, idealistic staff, having high standard qualifications which the industry requires and it carries on its activities in this field. The vocational school aims at graduating specialized staff in their field who are in the researching, resolving and questioning state of mind and that are in compliance with the changing world conditions, and respectful to the humanistic values, and also equipped with the required technical information and also aims at contributing to the life-long education and developing process of the society by sharing the information.


  • Visual, Auditory Techniques and Media production

- Radio and Television Production

- Publishing and Broadcasting Program

  • Accounting and Tax*Accounting and Tax Implementations Program
  • Machine and Metal Technologies*Machine Picture and Construction Programming
  • Electronic and Energy- Electric Program
  • Electronic and Automation-Electronic Technology Program

Job Opportunities After Graduation

Visual and Auditory Techniques graduates can be employed in public and private sector, radio and TV Broadcasting Program graduates can be employed in organizations of radio and TV Broadcasting or the production companies related with the field, in agencies, and press and publication Technologies graduates can be employed as photographer, quality control specialist, graphic designer or printing (press) technician.

‘Accounting Occupation Staff’ title is given to the Accounting and Tax Department Graduates. The graduates are able to find positions in accounting, finance and audit units of big organizations, in the offices of the financial advisors and the certified financial advisors or the management and organization positions of the banks.

Graduates of Machine and Metal Technologies Department are able to find positions in public and private sectors, in factories, in technical offices, in production studios, or in quality control units as technical artist, studio chief, foreman etc.

Graduates of electric and energy are able to find position as the title of electric technician in public and private sectors. The graduates can carry out electrical contracting jobs as well within the limits of authorization determined by the regulations. The title of electrical technician is given to the electronic and Automation graduates.

The graduates of the program can be employed in public and private sectors. The graduates can get the positions of technician, chief and foreman.