Electronic and Automation Department


Electronic Technology Program (secondary education)

We can define the electronic technology as the control of the hardware and the production in the industry making use of the electronic circuit systems. The aim of the industrial electronic program is to graduate the human power who know the properties of electronic system and hardware and who are supposed to work and implement his knowledge in the assembly, repair and the control of the electronic equipment used in industry.

The education program has been prepared with the experience of years combining the needs of the modern technology. The courses of the program have been prepared in a way that the graduates are supposed to prepare a technical report, project, provide with the job safety of the staff and the office, know the basic principles of electronic, that are supposed to carry out the assembly, control and repair of the electronic hardware, use the measurement equipment, use computers and CAD/CAM etc. Programs read and draw electronic circuit scheme using computers, control the industrial machines electronically.