Accounting and Tax Department


Accounting and Tax Implementation Program (primary education)

Accounting and Tax implementation Program (secondary education)

In the Accounting program of Vocational School, students are educated to fulfill the human power need in the field of accounting. The program is a two-year program and has been prepared accordingly to the criteria that the indicated sectors have foreseen. The basic objective of the program is to educate students who are initiative, capable of thinking, able to solve problems, who have analytic way of thinking, who can perceive the requirements, innovations and implementations in this sector. In this period that is formed of four half year, courses of accounting, business administration, finance, law of commerce, inventory balance sheet, Turkish Tax System and Law, accounting of firms, accounting auditing and ethic are given.

Besides the vocational courses, program is supported by the lessons like computer, Vocational English, capital market price and institutions and it becomes ready to fulfill the needs of the sector. It is aimed at that the students should learn and use at least one accounting program effectively. In the last year of the program, students have the opportunity of internship and they have the chance of practicing their skills and information by this way.

The title of Accounting Staff is given to the graduates of accounting program. The graduates are employed in finance, accounting and auditing units of big institutions, in the offices of financial consultants, in the offices of certified finance advisors and the establishments of management and organization of the banks.

Graduates that have been willing to continue their education can directly register to the third grade of the Open University without taking exams. Besides, according to the scores taken at the vertical transition exam applied by OSYM, they also have the chance of applying for the 4 year graduate program of the various universities.

Besides, the ones who have completed the four year of education and the other legal liabilities in a faculty has the opportunity of owning their own business after being successful  in the exams implemented by Financial consultants, Turkey free accounting and Certified Consultants Union.